Find a calibration ride out and back segments

Find a calibration ride out and back segments

To have a more accurate CdA, the Notio device needs to be calibrated as a power meter would. But it is more tedious because we need to perform a calibration ride which is composed of an out segment and a back segment both with the same length. The Notio iOS app will calculate a calibration factor based on your position and your aero profile. You can do the same in GC Notio with more fine tuning. But how to find the out and back segment? There is a feature (still in beta) for finding those segments.

Golden Cheetah has the functionality to “Find intervals…” for a specific ride.
First, you will need to download your calibration ride into Golden Cheetah Notio.
Second, compute the data of your ride.

In the sidebar where all the rides are listed, right click on your calibration ride and select “Find intervals…”.

A new window will appear. There are different methods to find intervals. Choose the Aero Test method and click on the Find button.
Note: If the method is greyed out, it means you didn’t compute the ride. Do so, to be able to continue.

In the example, it found 2 intervals. You can add it to your activity and begin to analyze your data and find your calibration factor (Notio CdA Analysis chart).
It is possible that no intervals can be found. In that case, an error message will be displayed.

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