What is the protocol to be followed to test with the Notio?

What is the protocol to be followed to test with the Notio?

First of all, you must perform all tests on the same day during the same period. Avoid stretching tests or even testing in the morning and afternoon. Prioritize a single block if temperature or traffic permits.

Let's take a wheel-set as an example.

A: wheel Fulcrum Wind 40 (usual setup)

B: another set of wheels

We suggest that you perform the following sequence for testing → A A A B B B A

The last A test is to verify if you have any significant difference between your testing and your AAA before knowing if your tests were reliable.

When testing, it is crucial to be as constant as possible regarding speed, position and gear ratio. It would be best to start your test series with your reference kit, i.e. with the bike and equipment you obtained your reference CdA. (0.286)

Training distance → 40km

We suggest that you reduce this distance to 10km at 80% of your effort. That way, by reducing the length and the effort, you will be able to conserve energy to remain as constant as possible throughout your test series.

Read our blog post about Martin Toft Madsen's test protocols, HERE.

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